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Kingdom of Elfia, Arcen 19 – 20 september 2020
Forces of the Universe

Just like last year it is a very promising weather forecast during the Elfia weekend in Arcen. The sun is shining the whole weekend, there is Elfian magic in the air!

Portrait drawing
Along with the portraits in template the Elfians are given the blessing for a huge positive change or the blessing of enlightenment. Of course the message is only for the adults not for the Elfian children who are already enlightened beings.

The Crowd Canvas: forces of the universe
Usually we have two canvasses on hich we display the universal battle between good and bad. Due to rules and regulations we have only canvas this time. We decided to let this long time battle come to a conclusion and portrayed the ultimate winners.

The Crowd
To see all the painters and the finished canvas click on the slideshow. Put on your headphone and dream away in this spiritual show.

We are very proud at this Crowd Canvas project with great result. All thanks to the lovely Crowd of Elfia !!! See you again soon Elfians!

The next Crowd Canvas project will hopefully be on Dutch Comic Con in november 2020, maybe we’ll see some of you there.
Until we meet again, remember:

“At Elfia, you’ll never paint alone…”

– studio Sjambar

Ps. If you are one of the painters send an email to info @ and we will send your picture to you.