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Kingdom of Elfia, Arcen 21 – 22 september 2019
Fables and Fairytales

Very promising weather forecast during the Elfia weekend in Arcen, and so it was. We travel to the beautiful Arcen castle to set up our fables and fairytales canvasses for the crowd. This time it’s a good fairies canvas for the saturday and a bad fairies canvas for sunday. The sun is shining the whole weekend, there is magic in the air!

Portrait drawing
In between the painting we also create portrait drawings of the beautiful Elfians. Along with the portraits giving them the blessing for a positive change. A blessing that really touch the Elfians who hear the valuable message of change coming directly from the living Tarot character Arcana Treize. Of course the message is only for the adults not for the Elfian children who only like to have a portrait of themselves 😉

The Crowd
We meet al lot of people, also from Germany. Together they all contribute in a part and piece by piece the paintings come together at the end of the weekend.

The sunday attracts a bit of different painters. Where at saturday the painters do a small part, on sunday there are several painters who take their time to do a big piece.
There where at saturday there are a lot who just join for the fun, on the sunday we see skilled painters. Which at the end of the day makes the Crowd Canvas of the bad fairies really an outstanding piece of work !

A lady comes to look at the canvas on saturday. I tell her about the idea of the Crowd Canvas that it’s art that’s being created together with the crowd. And invite her to paint with us. She doesn’t say much and leaves.
On sunday out of the crowd a lady steps out who wants to join and do a piece. Not just a piece, her aim is to do the biggest piece on the canvas.
It is a lot of work, and the sun is merciless. She manages to do it all by herself. It takes her hours of work, she also skips several other appointments on that day. This determination to finish her part is very interesting and I sense there is something important behind it than just entertainment. And so it is. She tells that she is trying to get her creativity back. Somewhere in life she lost it and to her it is like this is her chance to get that part back. It is very important to her that she gets it back again.
It is the same lady who came to see me on saturday, only she wasn’t ready for it then. So she comes back on sunday, this time with focus and determination !

The Crowd Canvasses
To see all the painters and the finished canvasses click on the picture.

Dominique painting on saturday. To see all other painters and the finished canvasses, check the slideshow!

We are very proud at this Crowd Canvas project with great result. All thanks to the lovely Crowd of Elfia !!! See you again soon Elfians!
The next Crowd Canvas project is on Dutch Comic Con on 23+24 november 2019, maybe we’ll see some of you there.
Until we meet again, remember:

“At Elfia, you’ll never paint alone…”

– Rames

Ps. If you are on the photos in the slideshow and want to have the picture send an email to info @ and we will send it to you.