Make your hobby your job

What if you really love drawing. And you want to make this hobby your job. How do you do that? What are the obstacles that you will come across? How can you ever make money from your drawings, especially when you see that there always seem to be better artists around than you? Who always seem more skilled than you are.
Just a few questions, which create doubt and can prevent you from turning your hobby into your job. Just because you don’t know the answers to these and many more questions.
Do you know that all that you need is precisely that: knowledge!

This knowledge is what I can teach you in a one day.
In short it is just that. I work with my own experience and my own special way of teaching. Since 2015 I managed to make this step and since then I make a living only by making drawings.

You too can learn to do this !
I would love to teach you this !
I am a cartoonist and artist and on my website you can find all information about me.

The workshop is called FHT€ash – From Hobby To €ash.
You can choose the one of the beautiful locations in the center of Amsterdam or the center of Utrecht.

Make your reservation for the workshop below.

FHT€ash – From Hobby To €ash

Workshop details
Next workshop is on 23 august 2019 in Amsterdam !

Workshop From Hobby To €ash
In this unique 1day workshop you will learn all the steps to upgrade your hobby into your work. If you dream to transform your talent, like drawing, into your work and don’t know how to do it will get all the information and handles that are necessary.
In this active Do-workshop you won’t be bored for one second, because the content is so interesting to you that you will be at the tip of your seat all day just not to miss anything.
The workshop is also very interesting if you have the notion that you are not that good at sales. In the workshop you will learn what is behind this that makes you hold back to believe in your own talent instead of accelerate you.

You will get more than the magical insights alone, you will also be trained to go to the direction of €ash !
Taking the steps of knowledge as if you are climbing a tower and come nearer towards your goal. At the end of the day, you will see what this endgoal is that you have achieved and from there on will continue independently. The goal to work with your talent and start to make your money from it !

Your dream yourney begins here:

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workshop locatie Amsterdam