Art of Healing

‘you can heal yourself by looking at the right drawing. The magical force behind the Tarot image will respond in an extraordinary positive way’
– Rames

This is a truth! Be smart and do your own thinking and do thorough investigation when it comes to health.
Let’s for example take a look at the word health.
When you see, hear and read this word your mind tells you it has a general meaning to it.
However when you focus on it and really look close, it all has to do with yourself. It’s all about your own health, your own good condition.

A lot of health problems are caused by your own unique mind being captured by others. By conditioning the mind, a living thing has been turned into stone by governmental corporations who benefit from a condiotioned mind.
To do this imprisoning of the mental, magic has been used from young age on.
Things that are real have been made believe to be fairy tales and just imagination. Things that are fake have been made believe to be real.

To capture the mind, images have been used to lure the living mind in a Medusian trap. These images were used repetitive and subliminal from different directions !

Freeing the mind with words is simply not possible because words and spells always assist an image!
Because images have been used to prison the mind, images will be needed to reverse it and get the mind back in it’s own true natural rythm.

The Tarot is one of the themes that I use to free the mind.
Therefore I have created some archetypes out of the Arcana.

How to use Art of Healing Tarot images ?
To free your mind with these images you do not have to do any ritual at all.
Just by looking at these images the powers behind the archetypes will be unleashed and work for you.
Just look as long as you can.
Staring is allowed and very beneficial in this case.
Freeing the mind from it’s prison can be a long journey to some, patience is therefore is a good thing.

How to choose a Art of Healing Tarot image ?
If you are familiar with the Tarot, you may have your favourite cards.
However, it’s also good just to ignore your favourite because of the meaning and choose the one that you feel attracted to. Let go of the meaning let your feeling take control.
The images have their own power and chances are that the card may choose you !

Be courageous and remember that there is true magic involved.
As you know true magic comes with a price.

Much love to you.

More images to come. If you want a larger picture of the images we can send it by email. Send your request to info @ sjambar .nl