Action portraits

Amsterdam action portraits

One of the things I love in Arts is to make portraits. Drawings of live models. More of this can be seen soon with the Amsterdam city of Freedom-Sin project I am about to start this week on the streets of this beautiful city.
Another aspect of drawing portraits is the whole body in action. Action portraits I call this new form of Art. In short it is an effort to capture somebody’s whole action instead the focus on only the face. In action portrait the focus is not on the head, but the whole person all together. Trying to see the personality in action and to capture that is the goal.
Of course the inspiration to all this comes from people in Amsterdam.

– Raems

Action portraits
Alicia is a very beautiful young woman.
She is totaly free, almost flying on her skateboard through the traffic of Amsterdam.
Without using any kind of protection she is fearless.

When asked her: “Aren’t you scared? There are so many cars, busses, cyclers, pedestrians and all kind of
other wild things going on on the streets. Why don’t you wear any protection?”
She simply replies with: “That’s not necessary. I never fall!”

amsterdam freedom alicia

Alicia part 2
Poetry in motion, as Alicia, gracefully cutting through the traffic as a dancer.

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